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Software Engineering


Transformation of your Vision with Precision: Bespoke software development tailored to your organization to improve quality of service and efficiency.

Application Development

Bespoke Application Development

Smart Solutions excels in customized software development, strategically overcoming unique business challenges through efficient design and development, ensuring increased efficiency, brand identity, and customer satisfaction within budget constraints.

Enhanced User Experience

At the heart of our design philosophy lies a deep commitment to outstanding UI/UX, ensuring every interaction is intuitive and engaging. We blend aesthetic appeal with functionality to create user-centric designs that elevate customer experiences.

Mobile Application Development

For over ten years, Smart Solutions has crafted customized mobile applications across major platforms, employing creative design to enhance business processes and user experience (UX).

API Development

Smart Solutions excels in creating secure and scalable API solutions with API Management System, handling development, integration, publishing, documentation, and deployment. We specialize  in designing robust API architecture, conducting security testing, and implementing penetration measures.

Quality Assurance

Our commitment to Quality Assurance ensures that every software solution meets the highest standards of performance and reliability. Our meticulous QA process includes rigorous testing, continuous integration, and feedback loops, guaranteeing the delivery of flawless, user-centric products.

Cloud Computing (Cloud Enablement)

Streamline your organization’s digital platform and infrastructure by ensuring secure and scalable cloud migration with comprehensive strategy, implementation, and project support tailored to business needs.

Technology Stacks​ Used for Application Development

Our team is proficient in a wide array of technology stacks, enabling us to support the majority of your development needs. From front-end to back-end, cloud services to mobile app development, we offer expertise across various platforms and languages. This versatility ensures that we can efficiently tackle diverse project requirements and deliver solutions that are both innovative and technically robust.


JSP, JSF, JPA, Hibernate, CDI, JAX-RS, RESTEasy, Spring, Seam, Maven, GWT, Wicket


WCF, WPF, Silverlight, LINQ, LINQ To SQL, ADO.NET ASP.NET, MVC, Microsoft Enterprise Library, PRISM, MEF/Unity, Nhibernate, Sprint.Net, Sharepoint


Oracle Enterprise, My SQL, MS SQL Server, MySQL, MongoDB, Couchbase, Neo4j


Mobile Applications





Security Aspects of Application Development

Security Architecture

By streamlining solutions, we integrate security early in the software development process, reducing vulnerabilities and aligning security with IT and business goals. Our services include threat modeling, design review, and vulnerability assessment, incorporating industry-standard security principles. We empower businesses to embed security into DevOps tools, treating Continuous Delivery as the core for automated security and compliance, integrating analysis tools into CI/CD pipelines for robust security measures.

Secure Code Review

Discover security issues early by providing developers with clear guidelines to prevent costly defects. Our approach enhances code reviews, offering specific advice for frameworks and languages, allowing customization to meet unique security needs. Automated scans may fall short; effective security involves a thorough understanding of source code, as seen in the case of SQL-injection testing.

Vulnerability Management

We assist organizations in pinpointing network and firewall vulnerabilities using industry-standard scanning tools, evaluating exploitability, severity, and risks, and outlining mitigation strategies. Our approach involves promptly acquiring and applying patches from software or hardware vendors, ensuring timely protection by comparing vulnerabilities with CWE/SANS databases and monitoring third-party library usage in software applications.

Security & Penetration Testing

Internet exposure poses risks such as system vulnerabilities, potentially resulting in information exploitation, system corruption, and damage to goodwill. Our security and penetration testing approach, employing both manual and automated methods, proactively safeguards your systems. Following international best practices, we deliver comprehensive reports on potential weaknesses in your specific system that attackers could exploit.

Technology Stack​s Used for Security Aspects


Microsoft SDL Threat Modeling Tool, Irius Risk OWASP, CWE/SANS

Security Testing

Wireshark , Metasploit, Nessus, Aircrack, Snort, BackTrack, Netcat


Jenkins, Maven, Whitesource, Go CD, Bamboo, GITlab CI